The Boyfriend Shirt


To wear a boyfriend shirt does not necessarily mean that you should have a boyfriend - they simply give the sense that you're wearing your boyfriend's shirt (even if you don't have one). I purchased this striped shirt myself at one size bigger since the S size looked quite awkward on me. What I really like about these kinds of shirts is that they're a great wardrobe staple that wouldn't go out of date and you can wear them over and over again without getting bored.

Wearing one can be pretty tricky sometimes because of how unflattering they may seem but it all really depends on what you wear them with. A simple pair of jeans, whether they are baggy or tight-fitting, can make these shirts go from 0 to 100. I prefer to tuck one side in and leave the other half untucked to create a kind of "distressed" look and also pop the first three or two buttons open.

Hang your favourite pair of sunglasses at the start of your buttons and you're good to go!

Get the look:
Top: Pull & Bear (or similar| Mom jeans: Pull & Bear (or similar)
Sunglasses: Stradivarius (or similar) | Shoes: 
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