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Hey guys, I know it has been quite a long time (and I mean a looooong time, about 4 months) since I was last on the blog. A post on an update of my life will be up soon sometime this week to explain all of the change in the blog and where it's heading in the future. But I am back! And hopefully this post will be the gateway to a fresh start and consistent content updates.

In early June, I went to Singapore and managed to pop into some of the Sephora stores they have there, a lot of times going back and forth, contemplating about whether or not I should get the new Hourglass strobing powders. Highly acclaimed for their Ambient Lighting collection, the brand recently launched highlighting powders in four different shades; Iridescent (soft pink illuminator), Incandescent (a pearly colour), Euphoric (a more beige-y take on the pearly shade of Incandescent), and Brilliant (shimmery gold).

When I walked up to the Hourglass stand in Sephora, I probably spent a good 15 minutes trying to choose which highlighter would best suit my skin (somewhere between fair and tan with yellow undertone) for an easy everyday wear, which was the shade Brilliant. Each retailed for S$59, which can be a steep for highlighters but it is quite expected for a luxury cosmetic brand. The first time I tested them out at the store, I was so impressed with how natural yet pearly they were. The formula is quite sheer, as the brand meant it to be to give off a natural and luminous effect when applied onto the skin, and not the usual metallic pigmentation most highlighters give. These are just the right amount of sheer to perfect the strobing technique that is very in this summer. 

Now, I am not one to wear make up everyday, and when I do I prefer to keep it quite minimal (to be honest, that's because I'm still quite new to it). Before leaving out the door, I would apply Brilliant Strobe Light along my cheekbones, under my eyebrows, down the bridge of my nose and the inner corners of my eyes. This just gives a soft glow to my face and I would apply using a fan brush or the setting brush from Real Techniques, or simply my fingers. On the Hourglass website however, it does say that if you would like a more intense highlight, you can dampen your brush with water, swipe the brush onto the product, then apply onto the high points on your face.

Have any of you tried the new strobe powders? Or perhaps have a personal favourite from a different brand? Let me know in the comments!

You can purchase the Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder from the Hourglass Cosmetics online store or your local Sephora website (depends if Hourglass is available in your area).
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