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First of all, I APOLOGISE FOR THE DELAY. I didn't get around to posting an article last week and that's primarily because I wasn't able to make time to take pictures. It's been a hectic two weeks with my university applications and I had to shift my focus onto that.

But enough of that, here's a little something to inspire you all! Recently I got my hands on this very pretty nude-pink bandana (or neck scarf) from Bershka which I have been eyeing on their website for so long. I thought these were a great touch to freshen up the usual white tee + denim shorts combo. It's satin, it's simple, and it's everything you would want to amp up your everyday outfit. It's also a great alternate accessory to a necklace.

Now you can definitely tie this sort of scarf in various ways. You can do the classic french twist or tie it how you normal would a shoe lace.  I decided to do a cowboy kind of style. Go on pinterest or google to find a style that you would like to try!

What's great about bandanas is that you can wear it all year round and it most likely won't go out of style. They're versatile AND constantly on trend. A guaranteed must-need for your accessories collection.

Photos taken by: @jessicajoenes

Get the Look:

Bandana/neck scarf: BERSHKA // White tee: STRADIVARIUS // 
Denim shorts: TOPSHOP // Bag: FOSSIL //
Platform sandals: LOCAL BRAND (Can't figure out the name)

My Picks:

Bandana: 1 | 2  // White tee: 1 | 2  //
Denim shorts: 1 | 2 // Platform sandals: 1 | 2


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