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The most satisfying feeling from having a busy day is being able to come back home and unwind yourself. Well, for me, at least.

When I've been out all day and I'm drenched in sweat (holla at Bali's unpredicted weather), I tend to just feel really out of it and nothing sounds better than being able to rinse myself and cozy up in bed. Whether it's night time or day time, being at home just gives me the amount of relaxation I need, even if I'm at home working on my university applications. But there is a big difference between my usual day time and night time.

In the day it's all work and no play. Okay, that may not entirely be true but in a sense... It is to me. During the day I find myself having to do something, whether it's working on my portfolio, the blog, or my regular afternoon yoga sessions at home. Sometimes I go out to have lunch and whatnot and by the end of the day I feel this amount of tiredness and all I want to do is lay down and calm my body.

The night time is when I give myself a 'me' time. Sure, I work on my portfolio and go on my blog but it's totally different because I'm far more relaxed and chill at this point. I don't let myself get too stressed at night and I keep reminding myself that basically... The day is over and you have to just take it slow by the end of the day and enjoy the comfort of your room at night. The island's asleep at night (except for the night-goers, of course) and you should just be thankful that another day, whether bad or good, has come to an end.

Now for my ideal comfy night, it's really nothing special.

After a long day out, I come home and if I have a few hours to spare before the sun sets, I'd get into my workout clothes and do a bit of yoga. If that's not the case, then I go straight to the couch and turn the TV on. When the clock hits 7 p.m., I head into my bathroom and shower and that's when I really take the time to wash all the dirt off my body, take my makeup off (if I'm wearing that day), then jump into something cozy.

My usual sleepwear is basically either an oversized-tee with shorts combo, or a tank-top with a long pair of pyjama pants. I'm not really one to wear coordinated pyjamas. Sweatpants are a definite must when I'm just lounging around and the only bra comfortable for me other than my sports bra is this bralette that doesn't have an underwire. However once I'm in bed, I throw off my top or pants, or both, and sleep in my underwear. I've gotten used to it by now that it's where I find myself the most comfortable in bed; bear skin.

An important factor to having a comfy night in, I think, is what you're wearing. It's the material of your nightwear that I find is very important. You don't want to sleep in something you feel is making you uneasy, like some itchy sweater or a very tight-fitting pair of pants, or you know... Sleeping in a pair of jeans. You won't be able to find your comfort if your nightwear is getting in the way.

Sure, it's fine to wear something that's not the most comfortable during the day because of style preferences but when you're at home and it's night time, you might just want to let go of your styling habits and let your body decide what's best for you.

Here are some of my picks from Adore Me to help you feel comfy at night:

Sleepwear: 1 | 2 | 3 // Bras & Panties: 1 | 2 | 3


Lace Bralette: COTTON ON // Sweatpants: UNIQLO // Panties: LA SENZA

Photos taken by @jessicajoenes


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