Casual In Stripes


Today I decided to change up my go-to casual look, which is usually a simple top with jeans (which you can probably already tell from my previous outfit posts). So I looked deep into my wardrobe and pulled out this baby blue romper with white vertical stripes. It's been awhile since I've worn this, mainly because the style is so loose and baggy that every time I bend down to grab something, everything underneath the romper is exposed (even my panties).

Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not something I'm comfortable with. For so long I've regretted purchasing this for that very reason, but now I've figured away to fix that: wear a shirt underneath. It's been the trend for quite sometime, layering a simple white tee under a cami dress, a romper, or a jumpsuit. I'm in the tropics and everyday is just hot (around 30 degrees Celsius ++!!) and layering clothes may just be something I would want to avoid but this is a light way of layering clothes that won't make me drown in sweat from the excruciating heat (okay, that may be over-exaggerated).

On days when I'm not in the mood to wear sandals, I always opt for these Nike Huaraches. I purchased them last December when I went to Sydney with a friend and I just fell in love with them. This is the old design, there's a new one but I much prefer these because of how it's structured. There's this urban feel to these shoes and I just love it.

P.S. This post was supposed to be up on Sunday but I had to focus on my design portfolio since I had an interview on Tuesday. The interview, should I add, was so nerve-wrecking and I could literally hear my voice shake every time I spoke. But the interviewer was so sweet and kind, and, despite my not-so steady voice, I thought it actually went well! Fingers crossed!!


Romper: BAMBOO BLONDE // White tee: TOPSHOP // Shoes: NIKE

Get the look:

Romper: 1 | 2 // White tee: 1 | 2 // Shoes: NIKE (Ultra)

Photos taken by @jessicajoenes


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