30 degrees In Autumn


Following up from the previous blog post, here's something I'd like to elaborate on: how I'm still getting used to the unpredictable weather.

It's supposedly Autumn, or Fall for some of you, here in Melbourne. Supposedly the second coldest season before Winter and after Summer. But it seems that the climate here is still very much hooked on the Summer heat, as are a lot of the residents. I, however, would like to very much leave the heat behind me and transition on to colder days.

Don't get me wrong, I love the warm weather after having been born and lived in a tropical country for most of my life, but hot is a very different term here. The air is dry and thin, allowing more rays to penetrate into your skin and it isn't the nicest feeling especially when you're prone to sunburns. As I spend most of my time outdoors here, commuting from one place to another by foot or trams (which I'm still very much confused about), the heat makes it very hard for me to feel comfortable and relaxed.

The biggest tip I can give to anyone in Melbourne (or anyone around the world, for that matter) is to just be prepared. Make sure you check the weather app or tune in to the local news to get a glimpse of the lowest and highest temperatures that day and dress for the temperature in between. Stay hydrated and carry an umbrella with you if the sky looks gloomy. Other than that, give yourself a good look in the mirror and feel cool (pun intended) in whatever you're wearing.

Photos taken by: @hasnavlz

Get the look:

Jeans: PULL & BEAR // Top: ROSEGAL*


*Was not purchased on my own, this was sent to me.

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