Finding Balance


When it comes to time management, I guess you could say that I'm not exactly an expert. I'm trying, though.

My lifestyle has changed so much since I moved down here, and it's getting down to trying to find the right balance between university studies, the blog, and giving myself some free time.

After having 6 months away from studies, I've come to now realise how unproductive I had been. I mean, sure, I was productive on some days but in general... I'd been a lazy a**. Now that I'm here, everything seems rushed, I'm always in a rush, and I'm suddenly back to facing heaps of stress.

For instance, the assignment deadlines. I've got a big one coming up within a month; an original skirt design that will be presented on a panel. It's definitely something I'm both looking forward to and not looking forward to.

Another thing, as I've mentioned too many times, is finding the balance between warm and cold weather outfits. Here's how I balanced it out for the 21 degrees weather: sleeveless sweaters and shin-high culottes. There's enough air to flow through my body and at the same time making sure some parts find their warmth. It's all about that balance.

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Photos taken by: @hasnavlz

Get the look:

Top: Cotton On // Culottes: Stradivarius //
Boots: Stradivarius // Sunglasses: Stradivarius //
Necklace: Pandora


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